September 14, 2018

Do Your Remember the

2018 Mission 10 Miler?

Click here for a trip down memory lane…


September 7, 2018

 Runner's World Tips on What to Eat Before You Run..

Runner's World Tips on What to Eat Before You Run..


August 31, 2018

Very Well Fit.jpg

Next week, Frederick County will head back to school! If you took the summer off and need some inspiration, here are a few great tips to get you ready for the Mission 10 Miler!


August 24, 2018


Woot woot! Time to train. Go get em'! #Mission10miler #friyay #gogetem


August 18, 2018



If you're thinking about running our Mission 10 Miler in March, you'll need to train a little. Do you know about the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club? A little bird told us that whether you are just beginning to run or training for a new distance or race, the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club has a training program to help you meet your goals. Check them out and if you have a local running club, send us a private message so we can share!  Contact: Lruderman@therescuemission.org

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